Peeling Back The Curtain On Life In The World’s Most Famous Zip Code, Beverly Hills 90210

Dan Eisenstein

Dan Eisenstein was born and raised in Beverly Hills, 90210 (yes, it’s a real place). His entire childhood was spent with the kids of celebrities, athletes, the moneyed elite, and those are the people who he still considers friends today. So what happens to a kid who grew up with impossible wealth and privilege? Do they stay rich? Go broke? Do they actually have to work? Dan wondered the same thing so he created 9.0.WHO.1.0 to share the stories of some of these formerly rich kids and find out how life is treating them today.

Jessica Entner

Jessica Entner is the Executive Creative Music Producer/Supervisor who founded JEM Music + Strategy in 2021, a 100% female owned full service music agency specializing in branded entertainment and advertising. A former singer/songwriter signed to Warner Chappell, Jessica has worked in all facets of the music industry during her 20+ year career. Her strong belief in equity in the music industry, especially for women and people of color, is a core value and company mission.

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