Peeling Back The Curtain On Life In The World’s Most Famous Zip Code, Beverly Hills 90210

90who10, Episode 19 - Todd Kraines

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Born and raised in Beverly Hills, Todd Kraines is a successful realtor in Southern California along with being a constant presence in the Kardashian world. While he became well known to the public as the person Scott Disick pretended to be while prank calling Kris Jenner ("It's me, Todd Kraines!"), Todd has a ton of stories about growing up in 90210, how his name showed up on one of Kylie Jenner's lipsticks and, most importantly, whether or not he is the "Mayor" of Beverly Hills. ...

90who10, Episode 18 - Corin Nemec, star of "Parker Lewis Can't Lose"

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Corin Nemec was a huge TV and film star in the 1980's and 90's. His first acting parts were in the series Webster (1983) and Sidekicks (1986). He then got a part in Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988), directed by Francis Ford Coppola, followed by lead roles in I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989) and My Son Johnny (1991), and the lead role in the TV series Parker Lewis Can't Lose (1990). He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and later moved to Atlanta. He now lives in California with his two children. ...

90who10, Episode 17 - Jason Federici, son of E-Street Band keyboardist Danny Federici

90who10 3K views 04/18/24

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Jason Federici is the son of the late E-Street Band keyboardist, Danny Federici. Jason is a professional musician in his own right, playing both the accordion and keyboards, and made his mark as a member of the group Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls. Check out the latest episode of 90who10 where Jason recounts amazing stories of hanging out with the Boss and some of the most famous rock bands of all time. ...

90who10, Episode 16 - Nico Golfar

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Nico Golfar is a nightclub afficionado and the owner/founder of Nico Network, a boutique agency specializing in Epic and Memorable events, experiential and influential events, executing large-scale projects, product launches and seeding programs for clients, such as DDB LA, PopChips, Vespa, Depeche Mode, Best Buy, Microsoft, Tanqueray, Fleetwood Mac, Warner Brothers, Namco and Bentley. ...

90who10, Episode 15 - Tommy Reid, Producer Director and Tara Reid's Brother

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Tommy Reid, brother of ‘90’s movie star Tara Reid, is an accomplished Actor, Writer, Director, Producer in his own right. Known for movies such as Kill the Irishman, I Know That Voice and Danny Greene: The Rise and Fall of the Irishman, Tommy has not only had a long and successful career in Hollywood but he has also become a popular Dad influencer with his production of the web series, “My Life As A Dad”. Tommy is also a proud alumni of THE Ohio State University. ...

90who10, Episode 14 - Bojesse Chistopher

90who10 2.7K views 03/07/24

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90who10's latest guest, Bojesse Christopher, has a 30-year history in the entertainment industry with acting roles in such notable films and TV shows like Point Break, Beverly Hills 90210, Married with Children, Quantum Leap and too many others to mention. He is a writer, producer and director but, most importantly, spent his early years running around with our 90who10 friends. His stories from Hollywood to Beverly Hills to a host of other cities give you a real-life look at what it means to be a well-known actor in one of the most famous cities in the world. ...

90who10, Episode 13 - Dr. Jason Berkley, brother of Saved By The Bell's Elizabeth Berkley

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From hanging out with celebrities, to competing on game shows, to what he REALLY thought of the movie "Showgirls", Dr. Jason Berkley, the brother of America's sweetheart, Elizabeth Berkley, gives us the scoop on growing up with one of the most popular actresses of the '90's. ...

90who10, Episode 12 - Bobby Jacoby a/k/a Robert Jayne

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One of the most recognizable child actors from the '90's, Robert Jayne (or Bobby Jacoby if you're one of his 90210 friends) starred in Tremors, Diff'rent Strokes, Wonder Years and a host of other iconic movies and TV shows.

And if you've ever wondered if the life of a child star is exciting, listen to Bobby and you'll discover it was even better than you can imagine. Clubbing at 13, signed by Def Jam as a rap group, running from the cops in a Boston alley. If you can think of it, Bobby did it, as he tells you in this hysterical hour-long interview with Dan and Jessica at 90who10.

90who10, Episode 11 - Brennan Thicke, Robin Thicke's brother and Alan Thicke & Gloria Loring's son

90who10 46 views 01/25/24

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Growing up the son of America’s dad, the beloved Alan Thicke and Gloria Loring, and brother of pop star Robin Thicke, Brennan Thicke had his own path to follow.

As the voice of the cartoon version of Dennis the Menace, and an aspiring music producer in his teens, Brennan found his path early on in the music industry and property development, creating a successful business outside the glamour of Hollywood.
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